13 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

roberto carlos anji

RUSSIA "Anji" Club captain of the team owner Suleiman Kerimov Roberto Carlos Day of birth in France as an exclusive üretilmiş "Bugatti Veyron sports car brand has a gift. Qol.az's" Sports Life, "a reference to the story by Given, April 10 Moscow, "Metropol" hotel restaurant birthday ceremony held toy car model on display in ettirdi Carlos Kerimov.

Later, he expects the streets futbolcuyu aslının Söyledi machine. Karimov, has also promised that the team, 4 years, immediate "Anji" champion of Russia if it get the address, so each player qarajını will decorate the cars.

That, Roberto Carlos into the world's most expensive and fastest car Mahaçqalada Thought not. The gift to send to their native city of San Preparing Paulu. There was more than 2 million dollars in the machine.

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