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Take the cat to the lower floor is the most appropriate?

What is the most suitable for the floor to take down a cat?

Answer: The seventh storey of a high floor. After the seventh-storey high-düşdüyü how loud, while they fall oksigeni, cat matter. Resulted in the death of many small animals such as pişiklərin çıxarmayan, they can reach the speed is the last, this, pişiklərdə around 100 km per hour. Bədənlərini retains a blank, find directions and spread in a rat as a parachute süzülən enirlər land. They can reach the last speed, air resistance of a body weight of slaughtered bərabərləşib sürətlənməni dotless - speed of this human being, 550 meters to 195 km per hour from the free enişdə around.

Cat falling 30 stories in

In 30-aloud stories or more in losses fell greedily on the information pişiklərlə there. Cat fell 46 stories of the life of a stay-known, even in a 244 meters yüksəklikdəki CESSNA aircraft, knowing the evidence is taken in a cat qaldığına life.

Less than seven stories above enişlərdə injury

Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association in 1987 published an article in the New York high, 132 cats out of windows mərtəbələrdəki accident investigated. The floor has fallen an average of 5.5 cats, many of which have received serious injuries while 90% of life was left. Statistics from the seventh floor, with the flat floor düşülən increased in proportion to the wounds in it. In case the seventh-storey high-pişiklərin had a significant decrease in severe injuries. In other words, how much more than a chance to düşsə aloud.

People with the most popular free-slope

People with the most popular free enişlər, Vesna in the act of a terrorist bomb in 1972 Vulovicin Yugoslav Airlines DC-10 aircraft for the 10,600 meters in the course of decomposition and English tullanışı Sergeant Nicholas King Air Pilot Union operator Alkemadenin 1944 bombing of the tail of a burning Lancasterdən 5800 meters tullanışıdır. Vulovic qırdı both leg and a few onurğasını incitdi, but it saved the original, reducing the impact of çarpışmanın kreslo and the cab was on kreslonun. A pine-tree and a heap of snow Alkemadenin enişini yumşaltdı. No injury was saved without a cigarette in a voiceless and silent sitting qarda tüstülətdi.

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